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SOLD Drake "Jazz" #8 tenor saxophone mouthpiece



Friulandia, Italy
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For sale Drake "Jazz” #8 (=0,110") tenor saxophone mouthpiece.
Date: “05 13” (May 2013).
Drake Vintage Resin Line : Saxophone Mouthpieces : Custom Mouthpieces : (first mouthpiece of the list)




This mouthpiece is one of the “oldest” Aaron Drake’s original design.

Slim profile, low beak profile. (Fits hard rubber alto ligatures… like most of slim profile hr pieces: Berg’s, FL’s… etc etc).
Large chamber and scooped side rail.
Long roll-over baffle and deep floor slope.

This model comes out back in the 2009 and it was the “resin version” of the originale Drake’s “Double Ring” ceramic mouthpiece (which is still available as “custom ceramic mouthpiece”).

Despite the mouthpiece is not made in metal, the external shape and the internal design make it more similar to a metal mouthpiece, retaining a kind of “smoothness” of a “non metal” material.

The sound is similar to an old Otto Link from the 50’s: that is why the original model was called “Double Ring” and the mouthpiece has two rings in the shank.
Bit it’s a deeper and fatter core… for some people it’s darker. The sound is really “neutral” indeed.

The low beak profile makes it extremely comfortable and add a kind of free blowing feeling.
(It’s very different from its brother, the “NY Jazz”: the “NY Jazz” is more like a STM Early Babbitt, brighter, more nasal… more like a good metal link from the 70’s).

The mouthpiece is in “like new conditions”.

Here two sound samples from the official website:
Ian Nevins on #8 mouthpiece:
Aaron Drake #7=0,105” mouthpiece:

Price: EUR 245 (or GBP 210: ) including registered tracked shipping.
I'll be happy to donate a 5% to the forum charity fund… if I sell it through the forum.
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PayPal fees are included in the price listed.
I can also accept payment via bank wire transfer: the PayPal will be discounted from the price listed!

The mouthpiece comes with all the original packaging: box and ring ligature.


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