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Folk, World Don't stop 'til you get enough, on acoustic guitar. Sungha Jung aged 13


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Hi AlanU,

This link doesn't work for me!

But anyway it reminded me that I recently attended a Jazz workshop where the kid next to me (about 12-13) could read like lightening and was very confident with his playing, I was more than impressed, then at the break he changed to guitar, which was obviously his main instrument. Geeezzzz!

Oh to be young again with this sort of talent! Tho one often sees these sort of prodigies give up and do something else!



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That's strange Jim, it works for me. Why not try looking him up by name on You-tube?
I found him by typing in 'Anji', the guitar piece by Davey Payne that I hadn't heard in years. Sure enough it was there, and I then saw a really good version by Sungha Jung which excited me enough to search out his other videos including the M Jackson cover.

By the way, at his age shouldn't he be out letting down car tyres or spray-painting walls?
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