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I saw a Dolnet curved soprano, serial number starts with a "D". Anyone who knows about these sopranos? I have never owned a curved soprano. They are asking 10000 s e k (c £ 1000.00) for the soprano.

I'm a convert to curved sopranos, but particularly modern ones. I like the fact that you can hear the sound coming back at you and easily use a stand or clip-on mic. I have got a Yanagisawa SC991 but have also played on a R&C which was nice and a Goodson which was quite good.

I believe that the older curvies were a bit awkward from an ergonomic point of view, but maybe that is not unique to curvies.

Seems quite an expensive price for a Dolnet, compared to alto and tenor prices. Do you know whether it was made by Dolnet or is a stencil ?


PS Curvies are cute too and attract lots of favourable comment.
I have just seen straight Dolnet sopranos, so a curved one can be rare? I don't know if it's a stencil. Yes, the price is high. I have seen a curved Yani for 8000 s e k (c £ 760.00) here in Sweden. And that is a modern sax. I think modern sopranos are better than old ones when it comes to playablity.

The curvies are cute and you get nice comments. Louis Jordan liked his cs as well .....


No Dolnet curved soprano for me. The price was to high and it not clear if it was a Dolnet. If I'm going to buy a curved soprano I'll go for a Yani. Thanks for your help.
I have seen curved Dolnets and , in my opinion, they were never made by Dolnet but they were made by Orsi in Milan Italy. Orsi was a primary source of curved sopranos for many companies , Dolnet did make straight sopranos which were quite different. The Orsi curved soprano is relatively modern in its layout and comparable to the Borgani curved soprano.


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