Does anyone use the RSS feeds?


Swadlincote, Derbyshire
I use RSS for this forum, however, I prefer taking the feeds from all of the sections because I'm interested in pretty much everything on here. Its a good feature being able to narrow it down to certain sections though, I use that function for larger forums which have a few thousand posts per day.
Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas

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Well I'm not sure how it works in all browsers, but what you can do is click on the RSS icon (at the very top of the browser, where you see the URL).

On my computer (which is a Mac) I use Safari, and when I click on the RSS icon, I get the option to subscribe in Mail. This sets up a kind of mailbox in mail and you get notifications of all new threads.

With Firefox it puts a bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar linking to all the latest threads.

For Windows, here is some info:

I'm sure someone else knows a lot more about this than I do, I believe it can be very useful.
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