Saxophones Does anyone recognise this bell engraving?......


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Near Lutterworth, Leics.

Now I'm trying to cut back to just the ONE Alto sax, I'm idly eyeing Tenors and stumbled across one, around 15 years old. The seller has no idea what make or model and it has no other identifying marks than the engaving on the front of the bell, a photo of which he's emailed me. Any ideas?......


Thanks for any help.

Bog standard Chinese tenor, not fifteen years old, more like within the last five. I'd give £100......
Yep, Chinese!
By the look of it, very recent!!!!!
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looks like the LH cluster isn't articulated, so it could be older than 5 yrs. Tend to agree on bog standard chinese.
Seller's wife's mother bought it for her around 15 years ago. It IS £100 - good guess!

But then I could spend that £100 on a brand new Buffet 400 matte tenor at £899 delivered!?

Or.... I could get off t'internet and learn how to play my 400 Alto first. Good session last night where it was all coming together - the notes on the page actually corresponded with the keys I was pressing!

GASsing again.............

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