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does anyone know anything about Garritan Personal Orchestra?


I currently use Finale and Band in a box. Have any of you used personal orchestra? Do you think it would help me or not?

Pete C

Hi Jack

Until recently I used GPO and Garritan Jazz & Big Band as samples to run in Sibelius 4 for the purposes of composing and arranging. At the time maybe 2005, JABB was the only reasonably priced sound library which had a tenor sax sound I could bear to listen to. In fact I'm pretty sure that the particular one I used was sampled from Iain Ballamy. It was however a bit of a faff to get the libraries running in Sibelius and took lots of enquiries and help from chat rooms etc (I wasn't very savvy re this stuff).

Following a hard drive failure and an upgrade to Windows 7, 64-bit and Sibelius 7, it proved impossible to get the original versions of GPO and JABB which I had to work with my new set up: However the samples that come with Sibelius 7 itself are greatly improved and for my purpose completely adequate. In fact the soprano sax sound is much better than the Garritan one I have.

So it sort of depends what you are trying to do I'd say: for me the latest vesrion of Sibelius as a standalone is great for composing and having something pretty realistic sounding to play back to yourself.

old git

Tremendous Bore
Been tempted to invest in Jazz and Big Band 3, which used to be featured on the BiaB site.

If you want the best saxophone samples, try that nice Mr. Thomas's samples on this site. Absolutely excellent.
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