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Do you need to train your ear for more outside sounding lines?


Playing alto 25 months
The title of this video does not give justice to one of its valuable aids: ear training.

Chad LB is a very accomplished saxophonist and a good teacher, but I have no desire to "shred" on the sax. Where this video can help you, is in hearing how scales and chords fit together. There's one particular concept here that I have always thought important, but I didn't know its name: Enclosures. This is one of the most musical ideas in all these notes, because it makes phrases sound like compositions. If you can play patterns fast enough and resolve them to where you're going, that's fine, it's what a lot of players do. It doesn't necessarily make good music, though. On the other hand, you can use enclosures at any speed and they will always sound great when properly used. Also, you can easily hear and learn the concept in ballads or slow tempos. I would say that for intermediate-level players, there's some gold here, if you get past that speed demon aspect. There's still plenty of good harmonic theory here. The intro shows very, very typical stylistic playing over dominant chords, but as he goes through the details, some interesting things appear. Perhaps, like a rich meal, you can take in part of it, go away, and then come back for a sandwich another day.

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