Saxophones Do you buy saxes "as is" and without cases?

I have and will again. Reasonable cases are easy to find on ebay, although some guys seem to want to overpay.

The Selmer looks good from here. The sax would be worth a look at least, difficult to see what needs fixing from the photo - and what I can read of the description doesn't seem to help. Just need to make sure it gets properly packed - or collect it yourself. But I guess a 500Km round trip will take too much time/cost too much, especially if you decide not to buy. Do you have a friend there who could check it out for you?

Price is negotiable, so no need to overpay.
If it is as good as it appears to be in the picture go for it.
What's the problem about not having a case? You can get one anywhere but may miss out on this horn.
I buy loose cases whenever I see them because you never know when you are going to use one and even then............. I have a Conn Chu Berry Tenor which came with a smelly case that was impossible to salvage , the horn is now re-done but with all the cases I have at home I still don't have one which fits it!

Buying a good horn, as is, can be a good thing to do, if the price is right. I have to say that local conditions can be different but I have bought Selmer Alto in next to new state for as little as 1250€ (with two cases that case ........excuse the pun!) :D


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