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Percussion Djembe reskinning


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Not sure if I mentioned it, but I picked up a djembe with a broken skin at a flea market a couple of weeks ago.

After doing some research on the web, I decided it wasn't too difficult, looked like fun. And I would use the real thing - a goat skin and shea butter.

I got a shock when the skin arrived - it still had the hair on. A bit more research and I found the way to handle that was just to shave it with a razor blade once the skin was on.

So I went ahead. The skin was a bit smelly, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. And when it came to pulling to get the folds and wrinkles out, the hair was a bonus as I was able to grip it better. Took ages to shave, though, and my hands are sore.

Just letting it dry properly before a final tensioning session.

So if you're ok with your hands, and have one that needs doing, give it a go. No special tools needed, just a razor blade, scissors, wood oil, shea butter and a skin. Oh - and a stout stick. Really satisfying job!


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Not djembes.... but a distant relation of mine K Sanford Dunbar made drums many moons ago in Brooklyn. They were made like barrels and coopered in the same way with iron hoops.

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