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Sheet Music Dire Straits Going Home sheet wanted


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Does any either have the sax sheet, or know where i can buy or download it for Dire Straits - Going Home tune?
Thanks in advance...

Thanks for the replies guys.
I actually have the Local Hero sound track on CD, but not clever enough to work out the notes myself.
I am very new to music, and playing the sax, and can only really dabble with 3 or 4 tunes at the moment, but wanting to try a few different ones so i dont become stale and lose interest whilst annoying the wife...

Wife... "whats that tune you keep playing?"
Me... "Its Dire Straits - Your latest trick. Why, do you like it?"
Wife... "No, i am sick to death of hearing it!".

thomsax, if you learnt it my ear, are you able to write down the notes for me please?
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Thanks Alan,
I first watched this on the Alchemy video, and only got rid of it last year due to not having a player anymore.
This is by far the best version, and if i can play it a fraction as good i will be happy.
PM sent...
I found the song in my computer with Mike Brecker on ts which is the saxpart that I learned! Next time I'm going to play sax (I haven't touched my sax for over a month, too busy ... ) I'll try to write down the tones/notes for you. In the same file in my computer I also found another song in the simular style: "Summer On Signal Hill" (backside of the 7" single "Savin' Up" 1983) with Clarence Clemons & the Red Bank Rockers. It's a Bruce Springsteen song and it's also produced by him. Interesting to listen to two differnt saxplayers in the same style. Mike Breckers grace and clean tone comparing to Clemons heavy vibrato (sounds like an American bigblock V8 idling). Both good samples that Rocksax don't have to be overblowing and high screaming tones (read Pete Thomas blog, "Hard and Loud").

The Mike Brecker version is on Spotify. Mark Knopfler, Theme from Local Hero, "Going Home", 5:01.

I have just realised that the version I have transcribed is the full 'movie soundtrack' version on saxophone played by Michael Brecker. The lead line is pretty much sax only. The Alchemy version played by Mel Collins and Mark Knopfler in unison is not as long and essentially is the same as part 'A' on the transcription, Part 'B' is Brecker goin' mental!
if you find a midi version you like i have software that care transcribe it note for note...easily.
Hi phooesnax

can you please tell me what programme you use as ones I've tried to use never seem to get it right. They always seem to add things that are not really really. I have imported midi into a nuber of programmes I have and compared them, but they are never the same.

Many Thanks


midinotate composer

of course I have run across arrangements that were detailed with mnay parts like a composers score and some that were garbage. Be glad to convert one for you if you find something that sounds close to your liking.

Best Wishes,
The programme i use for all my music writing stuff and transposing in "Noteworthy 2". I really like it, but it takes some getting used to. The great thing about it is it imports midi directly into a full score in Concert C. You can then transpose the sax part or trumpet/trombone part to you required instrument. The thing i also like is that many midis have brass or horn section parts that you can then split up and arrange for your band. I have had a lot of success with this. Actually considering the very poor availability of horn section sheet music for rock/pop/soul/funk etc finding the midi and importing it into Noteworthy has proved to be a godsend for our band. There are some good midi sites out there where i have found a lot of the tunes our band likes and within a couple of hours been able to create sheet music for the whole SATB section. Let me know if you want me to list some of the sites. I have managed to put together quite a collection now of horn section arrangements in the funk/soul/R&B/ska type genres - maybe as many as 50-60 sets.

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