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Bobby G

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Wonderful Welwyn Garden City, Herts
Dammit, I dropped an unguarded HR mpc on a rough surface :welldone and now it has a couple of little dings, one on the rail at the side and one on the rail of the tip. Fortunately they are only relatively minor and the piece still seems to work ok.

Should I worry about this? There are a couple of little nubbins standing proud of the rail which I think would be relatively easy to get rid of, but also a couple of small dents. Is there anything I can do about these, or should I hand it over to a pro fixer, or is it not worth the effort, especially as the mpc seems to play ok?

Does anyone else have a mpc in a similar condition, or am I the only clumsy fool around here? :crying:

Pete Thomas

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St. Mary's
I've done it. Very often in spite of a ding or two the mouthpiece often plays just fine. But you may always wonder whether it's just not quite as good as it was before. If I was worried I might try filling with a little epoxy if I thought iw ouldn't make a mess of it. If in doubt about toxicity of epoxy you can get the dental stuff.


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The fine abrasive of a newspaper print might help. Lay the paper flat and just rub the the MP over the print


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You could try "burnishing" the area to smooth it out again. Basically all this involves is to take a smooth hard curved object like the handle of a butter knife and rubbing the area one direction with a bit of pressure over the "nubbins" toward the indentation. Rather than sanding, filing, or filling you are simply moving the material back to where it was originally. I have used this technique on mouthpieces a few times with good results.

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