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Accessories Dimensions of Hiscox tenor sax case (standard and pro)


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My tenor sax is currently in its original Yamaha case, which is just slightly too big to fit comfortably with a suitcase in my small car boot (it goes, but it's a struggle). Reading forum posts on shaped cases, the consensus seems to be that Hiscox make the best cases, but I can't find any dimensions on the internet. Could anyone with a Hiscox tenor sax case possibly measure it to get the dimensions? Do the standard and pro models have the same dimensions? My gut feeling is to go for the pro case.

Many thanks
Hi yts

The Hiscox case is 33.5 inch at it's longest point and 13.5 inch at it's widest point and the difference between pro and standard is the padding inside both are the same size hope this helps you...john
Hi Paul,

I have a Hiscox Pro case and my Yamaha fits in it very well. I'd suggest getting a neck and mouthpiece pouch so that they can be stored in the bell, leaving the accessory compartment is free for cork grease, sling, reeds etc.



Roughly: 85cm x 34cm x 20cm

best wishes,

Thank you both very much. Unfortunately that's bigger in every dimension than my current case, which is 81cm x 32 cm x 19 cm.

So, can anyone recommend a smaller hard case than this one? The length isn't a problem - the problem is the width and the height.

Thanks again
Hi Paul,

I think you may be limited by the size of the tenor, the widest part of mine including the bell and hook ring is 25 cm and the bell is 15cm, so when you add in a bit of cushioning you're not going to get much smaller than the Hiscox case I wouldn't have thought.

All the best,

Hi Chris

Sounds like you're right. Guess the only thing to do is to try a few at my friendly music shop, and if that doesn't work I'll continue with my tight squeeze. Or possibly switch to the flute.

Thanks again
But the flute just isn’t as much fun as the tenor, although considerably smaller!
A more shaped case might enable you to pack things around it easier:




At it’s widest this case 21cm but that’s at the bell and the rest is sculpted around the shape of the saxophone. The height is about 37cm and the length about 85cm.

All the best,

Apologies if I'm pointing out the obvious and I'm sure you already thought of this.... but you said it won't fit into the boot with a suitcase.... have you tried slinging it on the back seat, or passenger seat. I usually have too much junk in my trunk (fnaaar), so my tenor case normally slides in behind the passenger seat and the back seat, which stops it form sliding around, and keeps it safe.


Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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