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Effects digitech vocal 300

I just thought i would add an update on how things are progressing.
firstly i have heeded the advice from others on this forum who are now or in the past have used the afore mentioned peddle.
i did in the first instance have a little trouble with feed back but soon resolved this problem and once i got to grips with programing, which is actually much easier than i thought it would be, i was away.
i think ,provided that it is used tastefully and intelligently(which might be a big ask for me) i am sure it will be a valuable tool, looking forward to using it live at a gig tomorrow evening


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Try and give it a run through at soundcheck - what sounds great in your practice room might be very different through a decent PA.

Good luck with the gig.
Hello Dooce.
Thanks again for the advice, just thought i would let you know that the "box of tricks" worked well last night, along with the tips that i got from you and others here, i trawled around the interweb and found a forum discussion which proved very handy, as camthecat,( who has a few Digitech vocal 300 demo's on youtube) had posted some of his settings and sound ideas.
I found that these worked well and with very little tweaking,everything ran smoothly.
once again many thanks for the help and advice
regard Zoot


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I had a lot of issues trying to prevent feedback.
Now I did try to use the 1/4 stereo out and go into a DI Box and that cleared A LOT of that up though.
Anyone have any neat useful patches they are willing to share?
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