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At last I have finally got the Digitech vocal 300 effects peddle Ive been wanting to buy for months (ordered it yesterday lunch time' it arrived mid morning today.
Now all I have to do is learn to program in my own settings, which I have been told is relatively straight forward once you know your way around.
however if anyone has any hints or tips, or settings they have come across that work, then I would be most grateful.
Zoot - I started from the settings in this SOTW thread, then just fiddled around till I found something that suited me - or was it when I got bored?

If you are playing it at gigs it can sound completely different to the settings that were so good in your garage though. And beware the feedback - I use mine with the gain at about 25%. Any more and it's squeeladelica.......
well i have just been to my first band practice using the afore mentioned peddle and all in all i was very pleased with it.
as Dooce said there was a bit of an issue with feedback but after some tweaking this was resolved also some of the patches need some alteration to get the best out of them.
but i think this will be sorted as i get more used to programing the peddle,thanks to Dooce, Nick Wyver, Young Col, Chris and anyone else i may have failed to mention for their help and advice.
regard Zoot
do any of the vocal 300 owners "out there" have a working setup for a minor third down?
i have found a patch that works for a fourth stack and a fourth down but am struggling a bit with a minor third
cheers Zoot
Take the 4th down patch and reduce the pitch change to -3. Am I missing something?
Hello Nick.
Maybe i am over complicating things?, i found some settings posted by Camthecat which were to take you from 5th above to 4th below
which required the pitch to be altered from 12 to 7 is this the wrong way to do it? is there a simpler way?
Say you're using 4th below. Press select and keep prodding it until you get to the effects bit. Twiddle the midrange knob to alter the shift from -5 (4th below) to -3 (min 3rd below). Press store and change the name of the effect. Press store twice more to store it. If you want to keep 4th below then make a note of all the settings and apply them to a spare patch with the change in pitch shift from -5 to -3.

Good luck.

Thanks Nick i will get right on it, from what you said it seems i was taking a very convoluted route but then i had only just got used using a video recorder and they brought out sky plus!
Have you got the manual? You can download it off the net; that's how I got mine but can't remember where. Have a look at the Digitech site.
Hello Dooce.
yes i got a manual with it, but it is very slim on details and doesn't go anyway towards explaining how to do anything in depth.
and for a simple soul like me who is not used to programing it is quite a learning curve.
I just thought i would add an update on how things are progressing.
firstly i have heeded the advice from others on this forum who are now or in the past have used the afore mentioned peddle.
i did in the first instance have a little trouble with feed back but soon resolved this problem and once i got to grips with programing, which is actually much easier than i thought it would be, i was away.
i think ,provided that it is used tastefully and intelligently(which might be a big ask for me) i am sure it will be a valuable tool, looking forward to using it live at a gig tomorrow evening
Try and give it a run through at soundcheck - what sounds great in your practice room might be very different through a decent PA.

Good luck with the gig.
Hello Dooce.
Thanks again for the advice, just thought i would let you know that the "box of tricks" worked well last night, along with the tips that i got from you and others here, i trawled around the interweb and found a forum discussion which proved very handy, as camthecat,( who has a few Digitech vocal 300 demo's on youtube) had posted some of his settings and sound ideas.
I found that these worked well and with very little tweaking,everything ran smoothly.
once again many thanks for the help and advice
regard Zoot
I had a lot of issues trying to prevent feedback.
Now I did try to use the 1/4 stereo out and go into a DI Box and that cleared A LOT of that up though.
Anyone have any neat useful patches they are willing to share?

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