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Difficulty with hitting high A on alto sax


I have been playing alto for about two years and have a good sound. I have been playing a Martin Handcraft and the upper octave has a beautiful rounded singing tone - no problem with embouchure I think. I recently bought a Trevor James Signature Custom because I wanted a modern horn with fast keywork, and I had heard that these horns are a genuine pro level horn. I am finding that, as with the two TJ horns I have had in the past (The Horn Classic and the intermediate Signature Series - now Revolution II) when I hit the upper octave notes of G and A, I get a grating noise of the lower octave note coming through as well. This is only after a few minutes of playing, and does not happen all the time, as if it is an embouchure problem, but I wouldn't get this on the Martin - and if I go a note higher to B the problem disappears. Is it me, or a mouthpiece/reed issue? Maybe the Martin is just such a great horn that it didn't need me to put so much effort in, but a different horn needs more embouchure strength/control.
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The issue is likely to be a mechanical one related to the Octave mechanism - which operates two separate pads relating to upper G A & B - hopefully Griff on the Forum may be able to illuminate the matter further if he reads the post or you could PM him at Griff136 on the Forum - he is a tech and it may come under his expertise. My technical knowledge is not advanced enough but this may indicate where the problem lies - should be easy to fix, though.

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It sounds like there is some leakage of one of the pads such that both notes an octave apart are being played together at times, and any moisture may influence this.
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Let somebody else play it and see if they have the same problem. If that's not possible then check that only the lower octave key is open on the G and that only the upper octave hole is open on the A. It may be mechanical, but usually it's either G or A that's affected, not both. Some saxes are just awkward around this area and it may be a case of just getting used to it. The first time I bought a decent alto (a Yanagisawa about 28 years ago) I had trouble with the A that I hadn't had with the cheap crappy one that I'd had before. In time, the problem disappeared.

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