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Different versions of the same song


Hey guys,

How are you?

Well, I wonder if any of you have different versions of the same song, played by different saxophonists, in MIDI, BIAB or other digital sheet music file format.

You know, some classics, like Misty, were played by almost all saxophonists out there, each of them with their own improvising styles.

This would be a really nice way to help understanding the nuances behind styles and improvisation, you know, to study the same song played by different geniuses.

Currently, I´m using Band in a Box for my studies and it´s a great software, with lots of potential. One of its best features is the transposing one; it allows to transpose any song to, in my case, Eb Alto, with just a single mouse click.

Anyway, if you know of a website with some sax learning resources in BIAB or MIDI file format, I would appreciate if you could send me the links.



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