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Beginner Different kind of squeak

Tommy Ng

South Yorkshire

I am not so if i should call it a squeak. A super high pitch sound appears just before a normal sound. This normally happens when changing from one note to the other.

I notice that many professionals do make this type of noise. I even hear this in their recordings (CD) as if they are "not a problem" or unavoidable.



Do you get this when articulating notes only or on slurs too?

I get something similar to what you're describing - but only when I change from a hard to a softer reed, and find my attack has gotten much too strong for such an easy reed, as I've gotten used to having to make a tough reed speak. This causes it to squawk every time I tongue a note before it comes under control. I just actively think to be less forceful with the reed and it stops happening.

This might be what you're experiencing? I can't say I've heard records with a pro doing that on purpose though :)


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Perhaps Tommy is half dog?:)

It could well be due to "over- blowing", where the air flow is too intense (reasons might include too much puff, reed/mouthpiece gap too narrow, soft reed buckling under the strain, moisture causing a temporary seal. If the message in sax playing is to achieve a constant, consistent flow of air then it might be a problem in this are. Over-blowing in brass playing is usually too much air for the bore concerned, but I imagine there are more variables in sax playing (my theory only).

Or he could just be half canine;}

Kind regards

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