Diaphragm difficulties?

If you've unexpectedly developed problems with control of your diaphragm, the problem may be higher up.

Despite most of my body and playing being more or less useless, I've never had a problem with my diaphragm, it just does its job - until a couple of days ago.
I became aware of a fine tremor in my diaphragm. It didn't hurt, but made me sound like a nanny goat as I emptied my lungs.
So I asked 'im indoors, who said:
"How's your neck?"
"Killing me". I said, "What's that got to do with it?"
"We were taught a rhyme in college" he said. " 'C3, 4, 5*, Keeps the diaphragm alive'."
Then he kindly wrenched me about and today things are back to normal.
Hope this may be of use to somebody.

(*The Cs in question are the cervical vertebrae, more or less between your head and your shoulders)
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