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Dexter Gordon's Felafel with Sun Dried Tomato (Totally VEGAN but still nice, LOL)

The secret of making good (real) felafel is not to cook the Chick peas first (some otherwise seemingly competant Chefs cook them first and then wonder why they turn out Cr*p) - well, in this case]red lentils (soak 'em for a few hrs in water) about a cup or two (well it is a Jazz recipe and you're supposed to make it up as you go along - kind of.. well I do.

Drain them well. Blitz 'em in your food processor till consistency is quite fine - starting to be a bit pastey.
Transfer most of the mix to a large bowl - leave about a third of of it in the food processor - helps to get the right consistency. To the remainder of the lentils in the machine add some roughly chopped sun dried tomatoes (drain the oil well first and pat with kitchen roll) roughly chopped onion, parsley, garlic cloves (loads) some cumin & coriander (if you can be bothered, buy whole spices, toast them in a frying pan 'til nutty and grind in a coffee grinder - it's worth it)
You should end up something that can be quite easliy shaped into patties about the size of (flattened) ping pong balls.

Some finely chopped green (or red) chilli wouldn't go a miss either - bit not essential.

Add salt to taste. Remember that the salt is quite quickly absorbed into the mixture so when you taste the mix it should taste slightly 'too salty' - After cooking they will taste great.

Shape into patties about 1-2cm thick and deep or shallow fry 'til nutty brown.

If the mix is a bit too wet you can add some Gram Flour (chick pea flour)

Serve with tahini sauce (Thats just tahini paste, lemon juice, water, garlic and salt) plus salad, olives, pitta etc..

PS Dexter Gordon was not a Vegan .:thankyou:
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Forgot to mention it's totally Celiac friendly too..

There aren't that many recipes that are really great that are totally 'karmicly' perfect. This is one of them. I'm not taking the credit for it being great - its just a variation on felafel really..

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