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Determining key in ireal pro


South Wales
I hope I'm posting this in the correct area.

Can anyone tell me how to work out which key I should use for a backing track in ireal pro? I'm trying to learn a new tune for my workshop group and the part I've been given is in the key of G? (just one F#). I play alto sax and have my ireal app set to Eb. The default key signature of the tune comes up as B (5 sharps) but it just doesn't sound right. I've tried changing to other key signatures, including G, but it all sounds off key. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Philly, if your alto piece is in G major then iReal should be Bb major concert. If you're in E minor then Ireal should be G minor. Set Ireal app to concert (C) rather than Eb. Hope that works for you x

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