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Decent long spaghetti


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I know it's not a recipe, but I'd like your help. I like long spaghetti, but not the smooth finished, Buitoni type. I used to buy a rough finished brand, but the shop I bought it from has gone from being a deli to a coffee bar and doesn't do it anymore. the rough finish helops sauce stick to it well. I miss it terribly :(. Does anyone know any good purveyors of decent dried pasta? Internet or postal is fine, or in the London/Surrey/Sussex/West Kent areas


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try to get hold of the Garofalo brand . They also sell, purely for the show, the long spaghetti which any italian breaks in two before cooking bringing the to the size of normal spaghetti.
Here they sell them in the classic rough paper 1Kg pack for the princely sum of 4,19£
The Garofalo brand has to be one of the bast brands among the large Italian companies sold almost anywhere in the world. They also produce the " Napolina " brand famous in the UK
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