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Dearman President


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I've got a Dearman President for sale. It's a fixer-upper, bought in a fit of enthusiasm when I first got my Haynes Manual for Sax. Stephen's book is so great I got inspired, then realised with all the other stuff in my life I wasn't going to have time to restore the sax.

So, it's a somewhat careworn Dearman President, with case (naff). Known issues are:

Pads range from salvageable to shot

Low C# post has snapped off and is lost.

Some bumpers missing.

Various dents, none particularly deep.

Lacquer a bit patchy, and some berk has slopped metal polish all over the place in an attempt to shine it up. Just needs washing off really.

Other than the missing post, all keys are present and correct. Neck is in remarkably fine shape.

So, a project for the Keen reader of Mr Howard's excellent book. I'll sell it for what I paid for it, £90, with the usual to Pete. Shipping will be extra, or you are very welcome to collect this fine horn from my office in central London.

PM me an email address if you want some pictures.


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