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Saxophones David's bargain buys - London, but will post - Yamaha Vito Alto


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Don't generally like eBay items but the seller has put a Reserve on this one which, if you're lucky, will stop the bidding from affecting you buying it: Alto Saxophone with Hard Case - made by Vito 5060166242725 | eBay

Yamaha Vitos are identical to a Yamaha 21/23. I have one and even with a few duff pads it's a sweet playing thing.

The seller, when messaged, replied:

"Hi David,

Thanks for the message. The sax is in great condition. There's a very small scratch on the body and a small amount of cork missing from where the mouthpiece attaches. Other than that as far as I'm aware the pads are soft and sealing and does play perfectly. I'm not really good enough to tell you if it's perfect or not though!

I've attached pictures of the two things I mention, but they're not particularly easy to make out to be honest.

Reserve has been set at £150 as I'd not feel comfortable letting it go for less than that.



£150 + post is about my limit for this one. Bear in mind not many folks know these are Yamahas in disguise (other manufacturers also made Vitos so beware) so your future resale may suffer price-wise too due to this.

I'm NOT bidding by the way.

Let us know if you buy it, and if you do, please consider making a donation to the forum charity in lieu of a finder's fee :thumb:.

Disclaimer: I have no association with the seller. Please be careful if visiting the seller and observe social distancing guidelines, especially when handling items. Please do your own research as to what repairs this sax may need.
If you do buy remotely and get scammed you've only yourself to blame for not being savvy. Buyer beware!

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