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Saxophones Dating and maintaining my old Amati Kraslice Alto


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Hello everyone!

First time poster here and joined up after trying to do some research on Amati instruments. I have a few questions regarding an old Amati Kraslice alto sax I have that I'm hoping to get answered. I acquired this sax from my grandmother about 25 years ago and it's basically sat in my closet all that time with the occasional blow. I'm not a sax player (yet), but I've been a musician for over 25 years (bass, guitar, vocals), and it's been my dream to learn sax. I just started taking lessons and I had it restored to playability, replacing the cork, repairing springs, leaky pads, etc.

The sax is brass with nickel valves (Or so I was told by the repairman). It is etched, "Amati Kraslice" on the bell along with the etching of a large "A". There is no other etching to indicate a model (i.e. Toneking, Classic, etc). The serial # is 59818. I've posted some pix of the sax here at my picasaweb site:

Cosmetically, it's not in the greatest condition, as the finish is worn in many places, there's rust and a couple of dents here and there, but the nickel polished up nicely and it sounds wonderful (to my ears at least).

So can anyone give me a sense of what model this is and when it was made? the serial number info I've researched on line has been confusing, to say the least. Also, what can I do about the finish wear, rust, etc?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Peter, I also play an Amati, only mine's a tenor. I absolutely love mine, it's built like a tank and sounds great too. I emailed the company and gave them the serial number, they got back to me within two days and dated it to 1960. Give it a go contact them on this email
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