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Date and Cream Cheese Surprise

This is a slight variation on the good old stuffed date.

  • Take a date, ideally a big juicy medjool date like they have at Waitrose.
  • Remove the stone.
  • Insert a red chilli, after slitting up the side and removing the seeds.
  • Stuff with cream cheese.

depending on the strength of the chilli, this is not for the faint hearted. You could of course leave the seeds in the chilli...

Fraser Jarvis

Well-Known Member
Hey, Pete forget the red chilli, (their for pussies) take a yellow Scotch bonnet chilli, (they were up untill recently available from Asda) and as for cheese go for Brie? (not sure of the spelling, sorry) sure to make for a full on Dr Lecture experience...good look....!

Pete Thomas

Well-Known Member
Commercial Supporter
St. Mary's
Yes, it's worth trying all the variations. The great thing for me is you get the normal date + creamcheese, then the chilli hits just a tad later.

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