Danny Gatton and Bill Holloman "Funky Mama"

Discussion in 'R & B, blues, soul' started by thomsax, Apr 18, 2016.

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  3. Greg Strange

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    Choice!! You're the man Thomas. The late, great Danny Gatton King of the Telecaster. This track is from an album called 88 Elmira St. On the album also does a great version of the Simpson's TV Theme...

    To check out some great playing by Bill Holloman in later years "Chic - Live At Montreaux" DVD is excellent.

    Good stuff....:thumb:

    Greg S.
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  4. spike

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    I've worn out my digital copy of 88 Elmira St. - so last weekend I downloaded Portraits:
    Bill Holloman on tracks 1 -3 and Bruce Swaim on tracks 4 - 8
    Amy Zing stuff - can't get enough.
    If only I'd discovered this stuff 25 years ago . . .

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