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Reeds D'Addario Select Jazz Reeds


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I've just opened and played through a new box of 10 Select Jazz (filed) alto reeds and I have to say it is the best box of reeds I've played. Other than wetting I would rather not spend too much time messing with reeds so to find 10 cane reeds which play almost exactly the same (in terms of strength and response top to bottom) out of the box excites me (yes, I know I'm sad :) !).

I've been playing Rico Jazz Selects that I bought from a local dealer that were years old for 50p each (along with a load of other newer reeds from Vandoren. I joked that they were 'vintage' reeds and should have been priced at a tenner each!. He said I should work in music retail!!! Anyway they have been my reed of choice (albeit with more variation reed to reed) on alto. These must have been pre 2011 before D'Addario took over, changed machinery, started using 'Reserve' cane etc. I now get the same response from the best of those reeds but now can get a box of 10 like that. I'm chuffed to bits!

With their new mouthpieces and updated reeds I'm really impressed with D'Addario.
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So, do we know if these are identical to RJS? And do they come in soft, medium, hard, and filed or unfilled?
Maybe help us with a link Don? (no, not an Otto).

They play very much like the best RJS I've played in the past (I used them heavily between 1999-2005) but even more consistent in cane quality if this box is anything to go by (and they weren't that bad to start with). They come in third strengths and filed/unfiled as before.
I find the long vamps combined with the filed variant on these make the bottom end really easy to blow/subtone without sacrificing top end.

BTW this is the new rebranded box/reeds which are trickling through to the UK at the moment.
A trip to Curly is on the cards tomorrow, i presume they sell them as they sell the mpc

Even if they haven't got the rebranded D'Addario box/reed the more recent Rico Jazz Selects use the same Reserve cane as above. I was lucky enough to get the new box through a source as I couldn't find it at any retailer in the UK! :happydance:
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This from Tom Bacon at D'Addario via email this morning:

"Hi David,
Thanks for getting in touch. The reeds are identical. The only thing that has changed is the packaging.
I have about 20 boxes of the old packaging in the warehouse, and the rest are all new. So I would imagine that Sheehans will probably get the new packaging by the time they place their next order.
Thanks, and best wishes,

Sheehans are the retailer I referred to. They don't keep them in stock so it may take a week or so to ship them, but £9.96 posted is pretty good. That's 20% discount and free shipping for 5 or more reeds. NB, some of their alto reeds are wrongly priced at £3.99 (tenor price). Should be £2.69 (less discount for 5). I've told them and they're sorting it.

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