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M/Pieces - Ligs D'Addario Select Jazz alto mouthpieces

dadarrio alto.jpg
I received today a 6 and a 7 facing of these new alto mouthpieces.
They are CNC machined from a hard rubber bar, and according to the company, they don't require any hand finishing.

The first look confirms this. the design is very neat and precise on both pieces. Medium chamber and straight baffle. Some undercutting under the siderails. Medium tiprail (not too thin or too wide).
Very well made.

They look exactly as a hard rubber mouthpiece should look: like a mouthpiece. Standard elegant size, cool shank, numbered pieces.

D'Addario owns the well known RICO brand, and decided to release these pieces under their own name. Quite a brave choice.
They are "off the shelf" mouthpieces. Current RRP is £130, in line with Vandoren, Meyer, Jody Jazz, Selmer... A challenging segment of the market.
They only come in three facings: 5, 6 and 7. It means a shop can have the full range with only three pieces.

How do they play?
First of all I would like to point out that I am not mainly an alto player. I usually play a Pillinger replica of a Meyer NYUSA 5 (I also have the original), a Pillinger NYA 8L (bigger and darker) or Absolute ST7 (a funkier piece). More pieces sleep in my drawer.

I used Hemke 2.5, RJS 2H, Rigotti 2 and Lupifaro 3 (last two, courtesy samples from the lovely assistant manager at

The 6 is a bit brighter than the 7, a difference I often noticed between smaller and bigger tips. Despite the small difference they play and feel different.
7 feels like having a bigger sound, 6 extremely focused and responsive.

If I have to write one line about them, they are half way between a Meyer and a very good Soloist. I never found a Soloist I really liked, but I have that sound in my mind.
They have a very "contemporary" alto sound, a bit smoky, dry, with not much edge (at least with the reeds I used). The 6 more than the 7.

I still have to do some tests, but the JS6 seems to be a mouthpiece that adds something to my collection.
They are extremely easy to play, with a good dynamic range. Some experimenting with reeds could probably widen the sound palette.

Looking forward to see what other members will say about them.

(... to be continued)

Two more days with it.
The 7 went back into the box. A great mouthpiece, but the 6 has something special in the balance between baffle and facing. It is a really fast and responsive mouthpiece.
I just tried it at home (no alto gigs in sight), and it is perfect for the dynamic range I use here. The temptation is to play fast. Since I come from 8/9 facings, the comfort it gives is very refreshing.
It seems very reed friendly. I tried some random Marca reeds (courtesy of the lovely manager at Howarth's) and the Excel and Tradition gave some great new colours. Less the Premium.
Back to Hemke, for further testing, the altissimo seems very balanced.
Compared with my Meyer-like pieces in the same smallish tip, the lack of edge and the ease of intonation are striking. It sports some nice mid range frequencies, instead. I would dare to say that Meyers wink Phil Woods, the SJ winks Hodges (to Snidero & Oatts).
At least during these tests.
It sounds and tunes consistently on both my Sequoia and my SML Gold Medal (re-exhumated for the event). I am curious to know how would it play on cheap altos that sport that "happy high register".

Some noodling (6 facing with Hemke 2.5):

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M/Pieces - Ligs - D'Addario Mouthpiece Passround Thread
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Cafe Moderator
Thanks for the update, when I get a cheap alto you will be welcome to try it :)

Nice noodling btw

2nd link doesn't work



One day i will...
Looking forward to trying these mpcs out but alas, i now know i cannot do them justice after listening to your clip (2nd still not working) but i will enjoy them anyhow.
Can't wait to hear the 7 :thumb:

David Roach

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I had a very pleasant afternoon on Sunday with Aldevis. Lunch & great music and then, as is our habit, I tried the two D'Addario select jazz alto pieces.

I'm not going to get into a big review because Aldevis has done that already, but I'd like to say that they both played great. The 6 felt like a 6 and the 7 a 7 (!). They played top to bottom with an evenness I have not before experienced in any alto mouthpiece of this type (or price range). They have a good buzz which isn't coarse at any point and is very controllable; the palm keys were refreshingly even with the rest of my alto - something I have never experienced with a modern Meyer-type piece. IMHO, they are really worth trying, and at the current retail price (c.£120.00) they are probably unbeatable (there are obvious comparisons which I will leave to you to make). I was really impressed and will definitely be trying a 5 and a 6 at greater length.


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Speaking of cheaper altos and their thin top register, I'm now playing this piece (7) on a cheap student Jupiter and am loving it - definitely my favourite alto piece. It helps produce a dark and thick sound even on the palm keys. For my liking I tend to sound thin on alto (even when I've owned pro horns). Very easy to play and brightens up with a change of embouchure. I got mine on Amazon for 95 squid which is amazing considering they're £125 nearly every where else.
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Very nice piece. It doesn't quite match my RAW alto (vintage sound) as well as it did my 'student' (brighter) horn for the sound I'm after but you'd struggle to get better at the price for playability and consistency. I'd say it verges on the darker side of Meyer copies.


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There aren't many left, 1 of the 5, 2 of the 6, 1 of the 7. If I had more cash than I do right now I'd have bought at least two, but opted for the 5 for now, as I'm still a beginner but seriously depressed with my Yamaha 4C since trying the PPT which I just can't justify as yet from neither skill nor financial viewpoint. But hoping the 5 will be a good compromise. Shame I never had the chance to try them. Just going by feedback and listening to youtube etc.. for me, the darker the sound the better, so it probably won't be quite warm enough, but hoping it'll be heaps rounder and warmer and fuller than the 4C. Fingers crossed.


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When I tried the PPTs I was able to compare to the D'Addario 7 I have. The PPT is a little edgier/brighter, but not much. The D'Addario will keep you going a long time and may be all you'll need. Until GAS strikes of course.


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Bit confused as to how to clean it, when it comes. I stick my plastic 4C under the cold water tap and dry it with a paper towel at the end of every day, can I do the same with this one?
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