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PPT Mouthpieces

Custom Tenor Mouthpiece - check out the recording...


Hi All,

I am selling my custom mouthpiece. It is in excellent condition and has a fantastic sound over the whole range of the instrument. Not sure what make it was originally, but it has been completely re-done. I paid a modest £160 for it about 8 months ago and have used it in professional gigs and recordings (sounds a lot fuller / richer and more punchy than my previous metal Otto link 7*). I am selling for £120 onvo.

It is about an 8 tip. I am selling as I now use a Morgan that is a smaller opening between 6 and 7 - TBH there is hardly any difference, I just need to put slight less air through the Morgan and I could do with the extra cash, hence the sale.

Here's my take of Body & Soul using this custom mouthpiece:'s Body & Soul .mp3

In the recording I am using a P Mauriat 66r (PMXT) with a Magnum neck and 3S Rico Jazz Select.

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