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Hi there,

Just wondering whether anyone has experimented with different necks for the YAS 62 Mark 1 (pre- G1 crook). I'm generally really pleased with the horn in terms of sound and action, but the D, Eb and E over the break sound really harsh / brash to my ears, not sure whether harmonics are out of tune also, but the horn is playing quite sharp, comapared with the C sharp below the break. I've heard good things about the custom Barone necks but is a bit of a risk as I will need to order from the US, may need a lot of adjustment t fit, plus may not actually make any difference? BTW - I'm playing a Martin Handcraft customise mouthpiece and 2.5 java reeds...
Hi. Are you certain that your horn is sharp above the C#, or is the C# just extremely flat causing you to tune the horn sharp? That was the case with my YAS62II. The C# was so flat that I had to tune the horn sharp to get that note in tune and then lip everything else down to get the horn to play in tune over the whole range. See my post on the Barone neck for details. It was a miracle cure for my horn. Mr Barone has a very high reputation among his customers. I have also heard very good comments on replacing the Yamaha alto neck with a Selmer neck. Good luck. I really love my Yamaha now.
Cheers Andy. I think you might be right. Not sure why the sound is so harsh on the D and D sharp though (actually hurts my ears, which is annoying) - could be something to do with mp or reed set up I guess? I think I should try the G1 neck (in a shop somewhere) anyway just to gauge whether what I have is already pretty good - some people say they prefer the old neck!? I tried the Yani 92 neck on it and wasn't really any better, plus tunning was flatter as neck was longer (neck was a semi-tone lower when you close one end of it and blow it like a flute).

Phil B told me that the Copper one doesn't really make any difference in sound plus he's out of stock - was thinking of the Gold one anyway as will suit horn better.
I should have mentioned that the problems I had were with the G1 neck. The G1 neck was supposed to fix these specific intonation problems, however, it didn't on my horn. Maybe there is some variation from horn to horn. Looks like Yamaha has 3 newer necks AG1, G3 and V1 but I don't have any experience with them. https://www.prowinds.com/merchantmanager/product_info.php?products_id=3015
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