Curry Lovers-Pakistani Chicken Masala!!XX Hot!


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Hi,this is a recipe for those whom really like it hot.

You have to get yourself some Masala powder,i get mine in Peterborough,algameer is the brand i use and it is extremely hot blend of spices from a particlar area of Pakistan.

You need 3-4tsp dependant on your taste buds.
4-6 chicken breasts
a handful of mixed chillis-green finger,scotch bonnet x 1,and a few bird eye-red.
2-3 bunches of fresh spinach
2-3 bunches of fresh coriander.
1x bunch of fresh methi
salt & pepper.

ok,so you heat the butter-4oz would suffice in a pan,once melted like ghee add the masala powdwer and the chilli's,you can add some onions if you wish.

Then add the chicken breast,dice it up beforehand!

once covered sumberge in boiling water.

after 10-15 minutes add the washed & cut spinach,coriander and methi,it shall fill your saucepan but reduces well.add your salt and papper.

simmer for around an hour or so until it is all green and well cooked together.add more seasoning if desired.

I have to add,if you use the masala powder advised then it should carry a warning-it makes Phall look like Korma.

Unfortunately it is a little too much for me but i make it regularly for some friends whom visit especially for the curry!
(and there's me thinking they wanted to hear me play!)

If you are unable to source the masala powder let me know as i go in regularly so would happily pick up some for you,it is not expensive and well worth it.

I honestly doubt you would find a hotter masala!
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