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Culinary Christmas gifts.....

Following last year’s experimenting I’m considering edible, home cooked Christmas gifts again this year. Anyone got any good recipes for Chrimbo fare which would tick the boxes here…. ? Ok, various chutneys and sweets seem the obvious way to go and are pretty ‘tried and tested’…..but…. over to you (I get the feeling Tom might well have some culinary secrets up his sleeve here?)


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Indian snacks - Bombay Mix type stuff. Christmas cakes. Fabulously rich chocolate torte (actually travels, too). Flavoured oils and vinegars. Flavoured vodka (best results are Absolut with vanilla pod). Sloe gin, of course. Preserved lemons. Shortbread. Choc chip cookies, gingerbread men and women (you can do fun rude ones for grown ups who don't have kids around the place). Apricots preserved in brandy (hic!). Home made Pesto (keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge as long as there's a layer of oil on top).

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