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PPT mouthpieces

Crystal tenorsax Mouthpieces (Pomarico, Crystal Bec Coutry)


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the Netherlands
For sale 3 Crystal tenorsax mouthpieces they are old stock from a shop and are unused

Pomarico 2 tenorsax mouthpiece 70€
Pomarico 2 tenorsax mouthpiece 70€
Crystal Bec Coutry model deposè 3 tenorsax mouthpiece 70€
165€ if you buy the 3 in one go! The price includes paypal fees and shipping (from Holland)
I will donate 5€ a piece or 15€ if one buys them altogether

These are sought after mouthpieces, Pomarico still makes them but has changed the way they describe the opening . I haven't been able to find out much about these (French?) brand Coutry.
The opening seems to be corresponding (see Pomarico Chart) to C* - C**

click on the thumbnails (several times) to expand or click the links to imageshack

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