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You never want to say that to an ex band teacher. He might just take you up on it. >:) First of all you are to be complimented for the accuracy of your notes and rhythms. I would have liked to hear you play with a backing track. I would suggest moving up 1/2 strengh reed and practicing long tones as part of your practice routine each day. This will help to get a more controlled sound. Also think about not tonguing as hard or moving the tongue too far inside the mouth when you tongue.

The thing that stands out visually is the common beginner trait of moving the fingers too high. This is not holding you back with what you are playing right now, but eventually it is a bad habit that will slow you down technically. It just takes concentration. Playing in front of a mirror helps to remind you. You also might try experimenting with pushing the bell forward a bit and raising the head. It will help your posture which is important to breathing properly. You are off to an excellent start. I can tell you enjoy playing and that is really what it is all about.
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jbtsax thank you. I am going to get 1/2 strength Tenor reeds soon, but since I play Bari for school I only have what came with this sax. I was going to use a backing track, but the only way I could do it with my setup created feedback, so for the sake of everyones ears I just didn't do it. I am trying to make sure that my fingers don't fly up too high, like you said, but I think it's just a matter of muscle memory.


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It's also good to hear someone playing a different style of music on the Sax. Heavy Rock and Metal riffs can make some great horn parts and help develop those low notes.
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