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I've been on this new Saxchatlive chat room a few times recently, sort of good fun (for me) when there's only one other chatter, as you can get swamped by trying to hold 5 conversations at once.

This got me thinking.

I have used Skype to call home and view my wife while traveling (obviously with a web cam).

Why couldn't us sax players actually view each other, and trade phrases, or swap licks, via Skype with Web Cams?

I think this would work best with players of similar ability and could get instant feedback on little problems or share recent learnings.

Broadband internet would be needed both ends.

Is this a crazy idea or workable and possibly very benificial to help each other progress along the saxplaying road

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Not a crazy idea, I have been toying with this idea, though I use iChat. My idea was to sort of lessons or clinics as part of my charity fundraising, however I suddenly got a bit too busy to investigate further. You may remember a while back we were also discussing a Breakfastroom live chat which is what gave me the idea for a sort of video conference masterclass.

I think Tim Price does lessons like this.

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