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Crazy about saxes


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Hi there I am 38 yrs old, I used to play sax in high school and have played off and on since but nothing serious. About two years ago I started attending a local music club, and it has opened my mind to many new things. I used to play by reading notes and now I am learning theory and trying to improvise by listening, copying, and applying what I have read. Pete Thomas's "Taming the sax" has been very helpful. I love to read about all the aspects of the sax and started buying and selling several "inexpensive" saxes a few years ago to get the feel for what each brand sounds and feels like. Some of my favorite sax players are Dick Perry and Scott Page (Pink Floyd), John Helliwell (Supertramp), Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones)

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Welcome to the caff©, JR.

Upper Michigan? By the lake? YC and I live alongside one of the UK's great waterways, the River Wandle.



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A Big Welcome from the Upper Skabertawe Dewi Armstrong Hot Five, down by yer in Wales, mind.....................:w00t:
Hope y'all have a nice day in the Caffi, isn't it!

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Welcome to the cafe, I play with two Pink Floyd tribute bands so we share the same favourites. I love Scott Page on Dogs of War! But of the two, Dick Parry is my hero. I love the bari to tenor swap on Shine on! (It brings me out in a cold sweat when I have to do it with my saxes though)
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