couple of clarinets


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All, thought I would condense my items into 1 post

Still for sale:

De Peyer, Bel canto clarinet with unusual barrell. Not wooden, made in the USA, plays nicely will accept 75 GBP and can post within the UK

Buffet B12 Clarinet in excellent condition, plays nicely. Buffet m/piece - a good instrument for any level but considered student-intermediate can accept 120 GBP and post within the UK

Vito reso tone, USA made, nice sounding and has a service receipt from last year. I have played this in my big band for a year and it kicks out a pretty good sound. can accept 110 GBP and post within the UK

I will donate 5% of each sale to the charity if they sell through here. PM me if interested

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