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SOLD Corton Tenor Sax for sale


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North West UK
For Sale - Corton Tenor Sax . Amati made version , dunno when from (80s?) this is in beautiful playing order, it`s definately been serviced at some point as it handles smooth and far better than you`d expect an 80s Czech made "student" tenor to handle (Shames many a newer chinese horn) .

the sound is very open and it`s got good dynamics, it`s a light horn too with good tough keywork . Cosmetically I`d describe it as "Average for age" (IE on the tatty side) but it`s in far better nick than my Yamaha 21 Alto . Yup there are dings (the neck more than the horn) but it`s a player not an ornament and an ideal kickabout for the Pubbing Prom it did me great with the Christmans caroling ! .. BTW it has an American styled non-tilting LH table

It comes with the Original case which is borderline servicable but has part of one catch missing , an Unlabelled but tough resin mouthpiece with an oddball plastic (Honest) ligature on but I`m sure you`ll use your own piece anyway , includes a thin strap which looks more at home on a Sop (it was in the case so leaving it in with it) ..

Asking £200 - 5% to the Cause of course . I`d not be selling this but I Happened across a Semi-Pro Jupiter which needs a bit of work (an is off to Connollys) so my Rat Tenor gets an upgrade and this gets moved on .

Pics at this link including details of the damaged case catch (I`m sure a suitcase one could be fitted)

I think I may have overstated the tattiness of this , its scuffed down the LH side bell and bow but otherwise not as bad as I may have made out. using my 62 Tenor and Alto as a guide point is not a good idea (they`re both less than 6 months old) , it looks mint next to my YAS21 and other horns of the 70s I`ve seen in the last few days .. the dings aren`t major dents, just little dings .. you can see the pics at full size on Dropbox by clicking the ... Icon and selecting view full size ..

Anyway to move it on to pay for repairs to the Jupe and Conn Alto , I`ll drop the Price to £175 .. Remember that this is a Tenor not an Alto and it plays beautifully ..
C`mon Folks this is one Cheap Tenor with bags of character ....... Need the cash to fix up the Jupiter (and the 14M Alto)
Aye, they`re called "Conversations" now (more like a personal forum than a PM) . Thanks , Provisionally sold :D .........

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