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Copper Tenor Sax Neck


Well-Known Member
Woodbridge, Suffolk
Bought from the forum,

Turns out it never fitted my old saxophone, there for never been used and still in the new condition I got it in.

I think it's a BH model although couldn't say, it would fit more modern saxophones.

If anyone does have an old neck for an old Tenor and would want to swap them PM

Looking for what I paid as still new- so £30 plus whatever for postage, around a fiver I should hope
Donation made if sold here.
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Hi, could you do a precise measurement of the outside diameter and depth of the tenon, and also post a pic?
Hi jonf,

The exact measurements are;
Tenon Length- 2.3cm
Diameter- 2.7cm

as for picture, I have taken one and will PM it to you and any one else interested as I cant figure out how to upload one.

Hope this helps

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