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Saxophones copper saxes appologies


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Frankston Victoria Australia
The gold plated one that I looked at was definately described as copper thats why I went for the silver plated brass version.
Also I dont know much about mp materials and it may be that copper is a perfectly good mp material.
But my thinking was that if copper was good,? they would make saxes out of it. but they dont.

Sorry but I think i should get my facts right.
Apparently some good saxes are made of a high percentage of copper.
i`ll just remove my right foot from my mouth so I can get the left one in.


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Reason is, if you made them out of pure copper, you'd need so much of it to give it strength, it would weight a ton and be thick as a whale omelet. MPs are not such a problem, as they are smaller and block-like, so the malleability of the material is less of a problem.

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