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Clarinets Considering purchase of a Cannonball Piacere Bb Premium Professional Clarinet

Richard Perks

Hi: Your www. site you directed us to is for clarinet. So if it is clarinet you are getting, I am using a Walter Grabner mouthpiece mand love it. He is also in Illinois! Web site is:

I did recommend this to someone else locally and he didn't like it!!! so at least maybe you can go and try it.... It is the best mouthpiece I have ever used, at least for me, and it is my main instrument.
Did you think of a Buffett Clarinet? I am not knowledgeable on the Cannonball ones.

Der Wikinger

Buffet is ok for Clarinet, Also Selmer. I do feel, however, that with selmer you pay much more for name. I have played the cannonball clarinet personally at Griggs Music ( Read the specs. Really beautiful deep dark tone 100% in tune at all times. That guy is over 3 hrs drive away. I will consider him.
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