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Got set up yesterday with me new sonnreiser clip on mic and lugged my old amp along with a boss recorder for phantom power. Got a signal from the mic but am pretty sure nothing was coming from the amp. It was hard to tell with all the other amped instruments and I didnt want to be fussing with the set up because being new I was nervous enough. I put the clip on into a Boss 900 and put phantom power on and saw the recording level fluctuate. I came out of the boss via the headphone port and into the amp in the mic/line port. Volumes up but nothing I could hear above the usual noise of the tenor. What is the mic/line port? Should I put it in the normal channel that I would use for guitar? I know it seems I should just wire it up and find out but I have so little space now I store most of this gear elsewhere. Anyone tell me?
I don't know what amp you're using and I don't know the Boss, but I've had quick look on-line. You might have an impedance mis-match. Why are you using the headphone jack rather than the line out from the Boss? The headphone jack is typically a low impedance output. The mic/line in to your amp will almost certainly be a much higher impedance more suited to the line output from the Boss.
Hi YC. I use the phones out because the line out from the recorder is those little white and red sockets and I thought that was not such a good connector as the jack. I also have midi out which is small five pin socket. I get the point and will check it out but can you tell me what is intended to be connected via "line". Mic, even I understand. Thanks YC
The red and white phono sockets are fine to use. Line connections are intended pretty well as they say, a line between two pieces of equipment, so line out of one goes to line in to another, rather than from or to a transducer ie a mic or a speaker. Line connections are usually unbalanced, twin or co-ax with jack or phono (called RCA in USA) terminations. Mic inputs are normally balanced, hence the 3 pin XLR connectors.

Be interested to know if that solves it!
Hurrah!!! Young Col, what a wise old head you have on you. I connected the mic to the deck via three pin, then line out, the white and red plugs, into the aux in in the back of my amp, which is an old Boss 75watt, with the red and white plugs too. I tapped the mike with my finger and just about blew the windows out. Thanks for taking the time to put right on this.
Best wishes
Some of the neighbours now say hello to me now, which is a huge insult. Still have the inhibition, so dont do too much tenor at home, just alto in a bag. Have found a spot where I can park and be alone to practice tenor, but its not convenient, and come another month or so it will be too hot, specially on the top of the head, lol, but one bridge at a time.
Great to hear that's sorted it Mike!
BTW you've obviously seen the paradox in me being young and old at the same time. However, you can't really be old until you reach OG's age.
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Hey Moderator, you are quick to jump on me but what about this personal abuse from these two junior members?

Deserves at least three weeks of "No Coffee, No Posting".
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