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Saxophones Conn baritone 11 M to low A


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I found a Conn bari low A for sale here in Sweden. Seems to be in good shape (no damaged, straight body, neck ok ) but needs new pads, corks and felts. Of course, a proper setup (keyheigts ... ) as well. Original case.

The price is 14000 (£ 1350.00 -1400.00 ). What does a horn like this goes for in England?

The 11M bari is quite rare. Introduced in 1968. It's made in Elkhart even if the production of saxes moved out from Elkhart around that time. Conn kept a small "line" in Elkhart for production like the 11M. I played a Weltklang low A in the late 70's. And that's the only low A I've owned. I guess the Martin Magna low A in Copenhagen is out of reach for me. It was just Conn and Martin who officially made a low A baris among the American manufactors.

Yes I had one of these, I liked it, nice meaty Conn sound. The low A is a bit primitive as you'd imagine, I think they just stuck a cylindrical extension in. I can't remember how much mine cost or what I sold it for, probably about that kind of price but it was in good condition.
My instinct would be that in good playing order, in a private sale, about £1,400. In other words, much less than in Sweden - one in the condition you describe, with a lot of work needed before it plays would be well under a thousand, I guess.
Pete's old 11M now stays up in Scotland. It was about £1500 but just serviced by Steve Howard and in fantastic fettle. It still is, the bottom end will knock walls down, it is so much fun. Top end used to be not quite as good but a PPT woke it up big style, it hasn't had anything other than a couple of minor adjustments n 6 years or so. I've never seen or heard of another, mine took about 2 weeks to get my little finger strong enough to work B Bb and C# quickly. Had a Weltklang b4 that, which worked but this is just a different class, doubt if I'll ever want anything else bari wise. I've played alongside Yani and Yamaha Baris, it knocks their socks off.
If you want one I don't think you'll get the chance often, I haven't regretted buying Pete's for a second.
Best of Luck whatever you decide.
Thank you for your replys.

Yes, the Conn low A was a cylindrical extension of the sax/bell. It seems to work well. They say that the Conn 11M worked well because it was already a bari with big tone as Bb bari!?!? There are other manufactors that did the same operation and didn’t get a good result. All according to rumours and what I’ve read.

The price is also quite high. Even if I do some work myself, I think my friend (former saxtech) has to help me. All this costs money. And I think an overhauled bari should have a new good hard case as well. Another thousands/hundreds!

But a horn like the Conn 11M is a milestone. One of the last attemps from a great manufactor to keep up a quality production. And it’s a bari with modern qualitys as well.

When I bought my ”The Martin Baritone” and compared the tone to the Weltklang low A the tone /sound on the Martin was bigger and ”more outspoken”. The Weltklang had a more basson like tone. I think it has to do with the European vs American ways to built saxes!?!? The Weltklang bari was a good bari (sturdy, wellbuilt, good intonation and economical available) and I enjoyed it.

I have to consider the Conn 11M. I will probably get the money back the day I decide to sell it it. That is if it’s in good playing condition and and if we’ve done a good overhaul job. But my dreamhorn is a ”The Martin Magna low A”. It has a conical bell as well.

As always I get a lots of comments about the low A vs low Bb! The only way to find out is to get one and compare.


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