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Conn 6M VIII Alto Sax

Chris Sax


Any interest in a 1937 Conn 6M VIII Ladyface / Naked Lady Alto Saxophone?

My latest buy, but l really have my heart on a King Silversonic. There are no dents or dings, it was a 1950/60's relaq/repad by the famous Gordon Beeson. Not seen much action since, could do with a service/setup to get the best of it, but plays nicely as is. Has a NY style underslung neck without the micro tuner, all stamped and matching viii.

I know it isnt a sellers market at the moment, so l will try it on here for a while then on the fleabay. Would love to keep it, but needs must.

Horn is in Glasgow if anyone fancies a shot.

You don't mention the price....?
Damn...another nice horn...


I feel the G.A.S.

Greg S.
well, regardless of the forum rules, if one wants to sell a product one better mention the price.

Incidentally, a NEW YORK style neck is not an underslung neck but quite the opposite, while a underslung neck without a microtuner generally indicates a CONN horn sold in the UK.

This is a New York Style neck


Good luck with your sale
Yardsale rules - price must be stated, as well as the charity donation.

yes, of course, i wasn’t discussing that, what I meant to say that if one wants to sell anything needs mentioning a price
Sorry forgot to add a price guys, always have them on my other items I have listed.

Lets say £800. Personally would have a 150/80 quid service done on it to get the best from it.

Thanks for the update regards the neck.
I'd be interested in that. I live near Manchester but have friends in Carlisle- perhaps we could sort something out? Money waiting- had my eye out for one for a while!
Hi Dean,

The 6M is getting tried out this weekend by a local sax player interested here in Glasgow.
Pop me a pm and I will let you know if it is still for sale.

Hi Dean,
Just click on "Chris Sax" on the last post and then press "Private Message":thumb:


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