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SOLD Conn 11M Low A Bari

dave mainland

Café Supporter
Conn Low A bari for a reluctant sale. A rare and wonderful thing!
Purchased from Pete a good while ago, fantastic sound, comes with a PPT mouthpiece. or can split if preferred.
Works well top to bottom, it has had repairs - most recent the pigtail has been straightened after a trip to the floor -fettled by a good tech and is as good as new, it is not as pretty as it might be but does a fantastic job.
I used it in a rock and roll covers band, bought a B-Walstein when the Conn was in for repair which I used for big band - because it could be a little less forceful than the Conn.
Don't want to sell but need to pay for major dentistry, If I don't, I stop playing altogether.
£1500 inc mpc 5% to Pete's charity. It needs a good home!
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