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Conn 10M Naked Lady Tenor Sax

Chris Sax

I have put this on Ebay, but will sell here for £800 + P&P. Donation to the charity if sold here. PICTURES HERE

Up for sale my vintage Conn 10M Lady Face Tenor Saxophone. This horn gets a big fat dark rich sound.

It is in good condition for it's age. Just had it serviced and setup at The Wind Section in Edinburgh last week, comes with reciept. The pads do look to be in good condition.

The serial number is 349348 so it puts it at 1952. Must have been a good year cause this thing plays great and sounds AWESOME. The whole horn vibrates in my hands while I play it. Large bore, large Conn 10M sound! The lacquer is almost gone from years of wear, looks stunning. The pearls also look to be in good condition. There are a few dings but no major dents anywhere.

It comes in a Protec case, But no mouthpiece. Based in Glasgow, feel free to arrange a try out on the horn.

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