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Confession time....

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Full of frets in North Shropshire
In prep for a sax lesson earlier this evening, I did a warm-up this afternoon. I was having a lot if problems with high notes just not coming out (separate issue and lesson did a lot to fix that). However, I was having issues with a lot of much lower notes just being generally awful in way that they nornally aren't - breaking up, not sounding at all, horrible burbling/warbling etc. I was quite frustrated by it all.:headscratch:

I packed the sax away ready to head out: take off neck, remove lig, remove and rinse reed, remove and dry-off mouthpiece. Run pull-through through neck. Pick-up body of sax, can't find body pull-through - not in case, not on music stand or piano. After much searching find it well and truly wedged into the bottom of the bell... I think that might explain an awful lot of the issues I was having...:))) What an idiot :doh:


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Once in a big band (1st alto) I had my 32 bars of celebrity, 30 mins into the 1st set.
I stand up ad start with few soulful notes...
They just didn't play as resonant as the usually did.

Hand in the bell, take out a whole lot of stuff (reeds, swab, spare sling): better sound!
The audience thought it was done on purpose, so I even had an ovation....

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