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SOLD Complete wind synth setup - WX-5, VL70-m & accessories


Hessle, East Yorks
Hi All -

Owing to dodgy health and a resulting lack of time & energy, I've rarely used my wind synth setup, and I've finally decided it's time to move it on and concentrate on my "real" instruments.

What I have for sale is:
- WX-5 with reed mouthpiece & cap, recorder mouthpiece & cap, and a suitable sling
- Soprano sax gig bag to hold the WX
- WX cable
- Short but usable MIDI cable
- UK non-original PSU for the WX-5
- Windworks WW-BAT battery power supply / MIDI converter (*)
- Original WX-5 sleeve/case
- VL70-m unit with Patchman Turbo chip installed and working
- Original VL chip also included
- Non-original UK PSU for the VL (*)
- Behringer FCB-1010 midi foot controller with the UNO chip, carry bag and UK power cable
- Instructions for all these items, either original or printed, the Patchman Volume 2 soundbank for the original VL chip, and a CD with software, manuals and utilities on it.

(*) These are only used if connecting to other midi devices than the VL-70m

To the best of my knowledge everything is in full working order - it certainly was the last time I used it. Non-smoking home, the cats haven't chewed any of it, etc. etc.

The WX-5 is (IMO) the best of the yamaha controllers, and the VL70-m with the Patchman chip is the daddy of hardware based wind synthesis. I've bought all of this over several years, fully intending to use it for all sorts of things, but never really have.

If you would like any more information on these, or pictures, please drop me an email.

I'd rather not to have to go through ebay if I can avoid it. I'd prefer to sell as one complete lot to a UK buyer, and I'd prefer not to post it all (total weight around 12kg, and obviously it's quite fragile). However, I am willing to consider posting pretty much anywhere, or splitting if I have definite buyers for the main pieces.

I'm based in East Yorkshire (UK), and you're welcome to come and try the equipment. I'm also willing to travel with the gear to meet a serious buyer in the UK if required. (I would ask that my petrol costs were covered in that case).

5% donation to the charity if it sells through here, obviously.

I estimate the complete package is worth in the region of £1000, so I'm open to sensible offers in that sort of area. I haven't fully researched packing & shipping, but a quick search suggests £40-50 for insured and tracked postage in the UK, and considerably more overseas.


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