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Complete SopranoPlanet website upgrade. Visit soon. :-)

Hi, all.
Just wanted to say that I've done a comprehensive overhaul of the SopranoPlanet website (finally), with the great help of one of my clients from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He did a wonderful job and I am excited to have it completed. Visit when you have a chance. Best to all.

Joe Giardullo


saX on the bEaCH..
Website looks good with plenty of info, spent a good 45mins this morning reading through the different posts, I'm more into alto but someday I know I will buy a sop, probably a tenor & bari and numerous other items concerning the sax (GAS)


Old Indian
Half way up a hill
From a web techie point of view:
Nice website - WordPress using the "Ascend" Theme.
Works really well and is super responsive on different devices.
From a saxer point of view:
Loads of really great info - gave me some plenty food for thought.
Many thanks, all, for checking out the new site. This is the first time I've let somebody else really have at it. I've sat with more than a few web designers and have never felt good about what I was hearing or feeling. This time, it felt right from the first note. :)

I'll be adding a few more vintage/ used / shop sample pieces in the coming days, with audio clips of each as well.

Playing in the shop today, the music of one of my favorites: John Surman.

Be well, all.
New website is looking good @Sopranoplanet

Did you used to have an alto mouthpiece of your own design ?

And I think you used to feature more vintage pieces, but I suppose that depends on them coming in to you.

Good luck and thanks for your friendly service in the past.

Yes, I had an alto piece but stopped producing it. Not enough interest and it wasn't my real love. I'll be putting up a few alto pieces on the "vintage/used"" page soon, all solid players, all low priced too. I've got too many ! A few Riffault alto pieces that are just wonderful, warm, alive players. maybe in the next week. :)