Saxophones Commission sales


Wrinkled retainer
West Midlands, UK
Does anyone have any recommendations for shops that sell used saxophones on commission?
Depends on how far you are prepared to travel,theres not many options in the Midlands but Woodwind Exchange of Bradford,Howarth's of London,maybe try Wind blowers of Nottingham,and Windband of Shrewsbury.

Dawkes in Maidenhead carry out commission based sales. I was happy with their service when they sold my Mark VI for me.

- David
When I was considering a sale last year, I called a few and the most helpful on the phone were Wood Wind & Reed in Cambridge, Stuart at Woodwind Exchange (Bradford) and the guys at London I kept it in the end but would happily use any of these if I decide to sell in future.
Thanks very much for the replies; all very useful.
allegro music in Oxford?
I bought my sop there, second hand.
I haven't dealt with him as a seller, only a buyer, but he was fair.
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